sole goal is to help residential treatment centers increase quality treatment for their clients by improving the way they record and track client information.

We’ve utilized the latest in web technology to create a secure web-based software program that simplifies the documentation process.

Its user friendly interface makes it easy for therapists, teachers, residential staff, medical staff, and administrators to have information at their fingertips.

eCharts is totally customized to mimic your facility’s work flow. eCharts was designed by therapists for therapists so the documentation process is intuitive and decreases the time needed to document. Quality charting equals quality care.

eCharts is an affordable web based client management system geared toward behavioral health providers



The eCharts medical module keeps all of your patients’ medical information organized and linked to each client’s general information.

Common Problems with Medical Records

  • In many medical treatment situations records are tracked on paper. Nurses and doctors each need to keep their own records, while often needing the other to follow through on their instructions.
  • Paper records often get misplaced, certain information gets lost, and at the very least, the patients’ care is almost always delayed.

Our Solutions

 Vital Signs Graph showing trents in pulse, weight, bp, body tempreture



  • With the input of many doctors and nurses, eCharts has created a system to end the delays from paper records and simplify tasks for all the medical staff.
  • Nurses, doctors, and/or LIPs, have an Action List that outlines tasks that have been created for them since they have been gone. For instance, from the moment the LIP or doctor logs-in, they are immediately aware of:
    • What Precautionary Orders need attention
      What Hold Orders need signatures
    • What Medications Orders need authorization before administration
    • What Hold Orders need signatures
  • Nurses become instantly alerted for doctor’s orders, prescriptions, hold reports, and nutrition orders.
  • The eCharts automated medical-system completely eliminates delays in patient treatment.
  • Our medical module contains the following forms:
    • Nursing Notes
    • Dr. Notes
    • Dr. Orders
    • Dr. Orders - Medication
    • Medication Face to Face (Med Management)
    • Medication Administration Record (MAR)
    • AIMS
    • TB Test
    • Vitals
    • Nutrition Assessment

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Vital Signs

Graphs of vital signs help doctors and nurses quickly see trends and know the condition of their patients.  Vitals can be input from many different forms and then can be quicly seen all in one place on the vitals graph.

Signature Reports

Powerful reports help everything from Utilization of employees and resources to saving you money by making sure everything is order before billing.  Action item reports help make sure all documentation is signed and filled out properly.

Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Our Medication Administration records makes keeping track of Medication Administration simple yet powerful.  Whether you choose to print out a sheet to be used on a clipboard or use a tablet to record medication administration in real time eCharts has the tools you need.

Color codes make administration of morning, afternoon or evening meds quick and effortless.  Reports help you see if the medications are working, what PRN's have been given and if all your documentation is in order.